Core values of Aarya


Respect and integrity – Each member of our team is taught to be respectful and to work with integrity. We must respect each and every one no matter what background they come from. The same way we treat our clients, to be true and authentic with our behavior and travel program as well.


Commitment to Sustainability - Most of Our itineraries are designed and developed to include partners who provide sustainable accommodation and transport services. We host community-based programs to help marginalized communities by providing them with sustainable sources of income for their villages and localities. 


Team Work – We encourage our team members to strive to work together as a team, to help one another to achieve the common goal. To grow together and succeed together for the benefit of all members.


Work-life balance – Having a work life balance is especially important.  Life is not just about work but enjoying the fruits of our work. Having a happy life makes work more satisfying, and can focus on their professional responsibilities.


Embrace the uniqueness – We encourage our team to think outside the box, to be imaginative and creative. To find new programs that our clients will truly enjoy.

Continuous learning & improvement –   We always encourage our team members to learn and grow as learning is a never-ending process. To be better versions of ourselves and to continuously try to be better.  We aim to develop our organization, a learning institute where people join, not to work only but also to learn their life skills.