Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism

Glasgow Declaration


The previous ten years were the warmest on record. The world witnessed the destructive consequences of storms, wildfires, scorching heat, and unprecedented ice cap melting due to the climate crisis. There is little doubt that we are in the midst of a climate emergency, thus we recognize a dire necessity to act immediately to avert even more disastrous effects.

We at the Aarya Village Travel acknowledge that tourism has the power to bring people together, teach and learn, and assist crucial conservation efforts around the world. We also recognize that tourism must ensure the health and safety of communities in order for them to continue to profit from travel and tourism. While the climate emergency is very real, we believe it is not too late to act and change our trajectory. Hence, we became a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration in 2021, which requires signatories to commit the following obligation:

  • Support the worldwide goal of halving emissions by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions as soon as practicable before 2050.

  • Accelerate and coordinate climate action in tourism, through five paths (Measure, Decarbonize, Regenerate, Collaborate, Finance.

  • Work together in a collaborative attitude, exchanging best practices and solutions, and spreading information to encourage other businesses to join on, as well as to help one another in meeting their goals as swiftly as possible. 

For more information please visit the page of signatories: