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Greeting and Namaste from Aarya Village Travel

Who we are.

Aarya Village Travel (AVT) is a Destination Management Company for Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet. Since 2009 we have been providing luxury experiential journeys for people who value expertise, substance and authenticity. We deliver experiences of a personal nature, where we go beyond the itinerary and create personalized holidays, each filled with the spirit of adventure.

Founders and Teams

Our teams, consisting destination specialists, guides and ancillary staff are continuously on the lookout for newer cherished and exiting ways to discover a destination.

Aarya Village Travel was founded by an energetic young couple who are extremely passionate about travelling and the love for their country and its peoples. Now, not only are they trying to raise a family with but also to run a company. The Aarya Village team has now grown into a large family with 23 full time staff, and over 70 tour and trekking guides, with each member’s individual contribution to the growth of the whole family. All team members are treated equally and with respect as members of the AVT team.

Despite still being a small tour company, AVT has separate departments and teams for Sales & Marketing, Operations and Admin & Finance, headed by dedicated managers.

Our Destinations  

Our destinations are as authentic as one can only imagine and we take you to the heart of the destination where you experience first-hand intimate moments. From the top of the world to the jungles in the south, rich in culture, religious traditions, spirituality, ancient cities, temples, fortresses and palaces, quaint towns and villages, exotic flora and fauna and most importantly the ever smiling, friendly and hospitable peoples. In fact, when reviewing client feedback, 90% of guests have said, “the best part of the journey is its people”.  Our clients may forget the places they have visited but they will never forget the people they have met, the lasting relationships they have made and the cherished moments they share.

These destinations have been recognized as a peaceful and extremely hospitable places and open themselves up to visitors. Therefore, travelling to the destinations we offer feels like visiting a convivial second home.

Our Technologies

With our contemporary, engaging and user friendly CRM app, we design, develop and manage your tour from the get go till after you have completed your journey. Faultlessly planning and looking after any and all your requirements throughout your trip. The software has been exclusively designed for AVT and is continuously modified to optimize performance and to keep ahead of today’s technological requirements providing complete solutions for our clients and our operations.

Our Partnerships and Philosophies

To provide you with superior journeys we have fostered relationships over a decade with our partners, from hotels to transport to specialist local guides who have the same philosophy, to provide authentic unforgettable travel experiences. The properties we offer provide comfort, luxury and are aesthetically designed keeping traditional architecture, craftsmanship, capturing the essence of the destination.

As we say “A journey never ends” we understand traveling is transformative and life changing. We love to travel and we know journeys and adventures are a beautiful collection of moments that will change your life and you will remember forever.

What we believe at AVT is that it is not the brand but the people you meet along the way that defines the journey or destination. Here at AVT our tours are designed for our guests to encounter an experiential first-hand journey that are life-changing.

Partners in Sustainability

From the onset we have been working to improve our social, economic and environmental impact. We are a certified member of Travel Life. Our simple philosophy practiced by all our staff is to leave a place we visit cleaner than when we arrived. We have partnered with businesses who value sustainability and who not only practice green tourism, but have been instrumental in finding new ways to be responsible operators and service providers.

Kindly visit our website and our social media pages, where you will see for yourself the experiential journeys we offer and most importantly feedback from our clients and friends we’ve made along the way.