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Sports Tourism in Nepal

The blend of sports and physical activities increases the variety of leisure activities and pastimes that are becoming popular among the tourist. That is called Sports Tourism. This thriving leisure culture has led to the evolution of a sports tourism industry that has begun to earn an international reputation.

Nepal’s main geographical features include show-capped peaks, lower mountains, mid hills and fertile plains of tropical jungles. Nearly one-third of the total length of the Himalayas and 8 of the world’s 14 highest peaks lie in Nepal. Because of such topographical structure, Nepal is the best place for many adventure as well as luxury sports that can attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

There many sports which play only in Nepal and tourist from all around the world come to Nepal just for that unique sport to play and to watch. Everest Marathon trong> that organizes in highest altitude every year. The Elephant Polo also only plays in Nepal.  For Mountain Biking, Nepal is considered it has the best trail in the world. Nepal has many rivers which are best for White Water Rafting. Furthermore, Paragliding and Sky Diving are also popular and unique games in Nepal. Nepal has best climate for Golf. Golf can be played around the year because there will be no extreme cold and not much hot weather, the weather is very suitable around the year. For Canyoning and Rock Climbing, there are numerous pitchs and natural rock wall around the hilly areas of Nepal. Many tourists also come for Canyoning and Rock Climbing only.

There are still many sports that have to be explored and have to attract thousands of tourists from all around the year. Whatever be the sports, Nepal is considered as a best place for all adventure sports. We Aarya Village Travel arrange all requirements for the tourists and provide conducive environment to participate in such sports.

If you are thinking to participate in any of the games then let us know, we will provide you all information that you are looking for. We ourselves have been participating in many adventure sports.

Lets play for health, fun and experience!