Experiential trip in Nepal

Experiential travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture. Experiential tours transform the traveler with a new, unique, and authentic way to understand our world. Experiential travelers enjoy the destination not destroy it. They want an authentic experience by taking part in the community, enjoying local food and customs, and garner respect for natural surroundings.

Aarya Village Travel committed to serving the need of travelers from all around the world, ensuring the guests experience the true Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. After serving the industry for more than a decade, the company well understands the need of international travel and offers the best experience for every budget. Our experiential tour package engages the visitor in a series of authentic experiences of Nepal. Our Luxury Experiential trips include special interests and themes, focus on passions such as culture, adventure, wildlife, food, yoga, village walk, hike, local interaction, these activities engage the senses and are something that visitors will remember. We operate experiential trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.


Benefit of Experiential Tour

  •          Authentic and life-changing Experience
  •          Transformation through knowledge and learning
  •          It ignites activeness on you
  •          It emphasizes sustainability

Pottery Making:
All the guests experience pottery making in Nepal. Since civilization, it is an integral part of Nepalese culture. Mostly it is used in daily household activities. Making clay, pot, glass, cup, lamps and other decorative purposes by the certain kind of mud in the revolving wheel is not less than an art. It is a heritage passed to the next generation by the old one. Guest mostly have fun by making a pot, clay, and other fun stuff. 



Village Walk: 
Experiential tour in Nepal Guest can always learn from local community lifestyle. They will show their natural skills, making ends meet using nothing more than natural resources. Stay with a family in a remote village, eating with them and watching their traditions first hand. Visitors get a peek into rural Nepal at close quarters and some of these also include cultural programs, indigenous songs, and dances performed by local youth, something you will take back home and remember for a long time. What amazes visitors is how they seem so happy with so little. This is true for most village people in Nepal and that impacts the visitors. 

interact with local people

Luxury Experiential Tour in Nepal:
Heli ride to Everest for Breakfast
A Luxury Experiential tour in Nepal takes you from the world’s highest standing peak, Mount Everest to the numerous sacred temples, stupas and the different varieties of living species, Nepal has to offer. This trip features everything from adventurous to incredible Mount Everest region for breakfast in the private chopper and breathtaking landscapes to the pristine nature through cultural heritages and spiritual villages. You will experience all the highlights of the country with the luxurious stays at the hotels and resorts at different landmarks

Helicopter tour to Everest


Live like Monk: 
From alluring Himalayan Mountains to tranquil Buddhist monasteries, an experiential tour in Nepal is a journey of self-discovery. Our Experiential tour packages “Live like Monk is a certain life experience. It includes staying at Monastery, participating in a chanting program with a monk, a dharma talk, learn meditation techniques, and receive in-depth knowledge of Buddhism culture. People are extremely friendly and love to engage in conversation. Nepal experiential trips imitate the monastic lifestyle. Travelers can experience this trip with friends, family, and kids. If you are looking into complete silence and isolation from the outside world then this trip is for you. 

Interact with monks


Homestay in Nepal: 
Village homestay staying is a unique rural village experience of Nepal. Homestay is for those guests who want to stay with the local community. Rainaskot is located at the hilltop is the best place to experience the Homestay. Guest will stay in Nepalese traditional houses, enjoying local organic food, interact with local people, immerse in their culture, and participate in agriculture and observe the local religious practices. During the homestay, guests will visit old age homes to interact with senior citizens.


Experiential trips is not about just visiting a destination but also connecting to its history, people and culture indulge in an authentic experience that add value to life.  If you want to know more about our product please email us at info@aaryatravel.com

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