Nepal: One of the must see places in your life time!

Probably BBC Holiday rightly said that Nepal is one of the 50 places to see before you die. It surprises you within moments of arriving in Nepal – an overwhelming sense of friendship, culture, community and spirituality. More than that, it will thrill you after seeing the beauty and diversity of this country.  From all of the highest mountains in the world, eight are in Nepal including Mt. Everest at 8848 meters of altitude. This is the country where Buddha was born and where millions of Hindus worship Gods and Goddess in their daily life. This part of the world is just different, more like a spiritual world which directly links with people’s day to day life.

Many people dream to visit Nepal once in their life time. Nepal is a dream place to experience culture and history, thousands of years of artcrafts, great landscapes and trekking trails, elephant safaris into dense forest, and one of the best places in the world for outdoor and extreme sport activities and many more. You will find Nepal very small on the world map, between China and India, but as the saying goes “small is beautiful” and Nepal really enforces that saying.

People travel here and there in search of peace, tranquility and happiness. But in Nepal there are thousands of temples and monasteries situated in serene places where you can hide yourself to find peace and happiness within. You may be surprised to see villagers carrying huge loads on their backs while remaining happy, friendly, and willing to help you. Hardly few people do understand the truth behind being the happiest despite being the poorest. This may lead you to find the reason of travelling in Nepal.

It is hard to imagine that only in Nepal you can trek for weeks without carrying a tent and food stuffs. You can walk through the villages, cross the small peaks and mountains, pass through the big dense forests, and rest on top of a hill or at the bank of river in a nice hotel with all kind of facilities and nice food. You can trek from between few days to more than 25 days nonstop without carrying any camping gear or food due to the many guest houses, lodges, and little hotels along most treks. Trekking in Nepal offers numerous grades from very easy to strenuous to most challenging. It depends upon the trekker’s choice and his/her physical ability. All the hotels and lodges scattered around the trekking trails further helps you to manage your walking hours per day. Nothing feels more comforting than a good typical Nepali meal while resting in a friendly lodge after a day of trekking. Nepal’s main dish (Dal Bhat) will come with different variations keeping you always full and delighted. Momos, chowmein and spring rolls are only some other delicious “must try” of the Nepali cuisine. The menus are well adapted for tourists and also offer a wide selection of food styles including classic western food.

Every moment that you spend in Nepal will be lasting memorable. Whether you choose a heritage hotel in Kathmandu that preserved hundreds of years of history and arts or you choose one of the world’s best hotels at Pokhara lakeshore, you can be certain that Nepal is one of the best adventures and holiday destination. Whatever you do in Nepal will give you a unique and amazing experience.

Welcome to the world where religious harmony and peace prevail since the beginning. You will be surprised seeing stupas, temples, and mosques situated in the same location; it represents the deeply roots of social and religious harmony among the Nepali people.

Plan your next holiday to Nepal and get a life time experience.

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