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Ultimate Adventure in Nepal

Rafting & kayaking

Nepal is one of the best places for adventurous activities. Your trip to Nepal will not be completed without river trips. Nepal is also famous for White water rafting in the world. Your desire for rafting will be fulfilled when you come to Nepal. You can experience the different rapid rates of river with 1-5 grades in Nepal. Nepal's rivers change with the seasons. Each year, after the heavy monsoon rain the water swell, changing the run of the rivers and the nature of the rapids. The best months for rafting in Nepal are January, February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November and December. June and July is not recommendable since heavy flood makes your trip uncertain. Some of the Nepal’s famous rivers for rafting are Trishuli River (rafting for 1 up to 3 days), Seti River (rafting trip 2 days), Bhote Koshi River (rafting1- 2 days), Kali Gandaki River (rafting 3 days), Marsyandi River (rafting/kayaking 4 days), Sun Koshi River (rafting 7 to 9 days), Arun River (rafting adventure 9 days), Karnali River (whitewater rafting 10 days), Tamur River (rafting adventure 11 days).etc.

Canyoning in Nepal

Canyoning in Nepal is the tremendous adventurous sport with breathtaking experience. All the activities like abseiling (repelling/descending via harness & rope), jumping, sliding, spelunking, scrambling, swimming, climbing down from waterfalls through steep canyon walls to deep pools are categorized as Canyoning. The Best season for Canyoning is February, March, April, September, October, November and December. The famous sites for canyoning in Nepal are in Sindhupalchok where many adventurous waterfalls are located. From sheer cliffs and slides to pounding waterfalls, you will experience all the fun of canyoning. Besides the enjoyment, this sport requires the guidance of an expert guide. We will provide you the experienced guide who has the practice of safe canyoning necessecities like proper gear, continual attention and a good knowledge of the aquatic environment.Canyoning in Nepal can be done with rafting packages which will add more thrill and adventure to your trip. Nepal is considered as one of the most lively and naturally place to perform Canyoning. Nepal is second biggest rich country to have water resources. You can directly contact us to get detail itinerary.


Nepal is a famous destination for the adventure lover. The geographical structure made Nepal most famous adventure place in the world. NATZEO listed Nepal is a final destination for adventure tourism. Rafting, Canyoning, Bungy Jump, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking are adventure activities in Nepal. Among them Bungy Jump is one of the top adventures program in Nepal. The most spectacular place for the Bungy is situated at a distance of 3 hrs drive from Kathmandu. It is 100km far to the northeast of Kathmandu from where Nepal-Tibet border is just 12 km away. Only The Last Resort provides Bungy Jump which is the longest freefall in the world. It is 166m high suspended in the Bhotekoshi River. The bridge is designed in Swiss style. Especially with the 4 X safety factor has loading factor of 41,500kg or 4.5 tones. So the Bungy Jumping is more secure and more reliable. The Last Resort also caters good accommodation and food services along with rafting and canyoning. You can make 1 or more days plan for these activities.

Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing is a sport with cliff hanger experience in which participants climb up or across natural rock formations or man-made (artificial) rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation. Rock climbing is similar to scrambling (another activity involving the scaling of hills and similar formations), but climbing is generally differentiated because of the use of hands to support the climber's weight as well as to provide balance. Rock Climbing has now gained popularity among foreigner coming to Nepal. If you are not able to climb up the highest peaks, Rock Climbing gives you the opportunity to get a high. The famous natural Rock Climbing sports in Nepal are located at Nagarjun Forest and Shivapuri watershed and wild forest, Pokhara, Bimalnagar( in the midway of Prithivi Highway) etc.Artificial Rock Climbing sports are found in various places of Nepal which is quite easier than natural one. Rock Climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, that tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control with a guidance of expert guide.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Nepal offers you the finest bike trails in the world. Mountain biking is one of the best way to explore the ancient routes of Trans-Himalayas and the rural villages life of Nepal. Mountain biking in Nepal has been gaining much popularity among the adventure enthusiasts from around the world over the past few years. Due to vast diversity of Nepal, you can ride from the flatland of Terai to the Snow covered Himalayan Trails, hillside farm along with city tour crossing many rivers over the suspension bridges. We can assure you that all our Nepal biking trips are safety, quality and enjoyment. Except June and July you can ride almost all the months in a year. You can also ride from Nepal to Tibet. So let’s come and enjoy the pleasant and scenic ride of Mountain Biking in Nepal.

Packages under Mountain Biking in Nepal

Paragliding and Ultra Light

Around five companies operate paragliding from Pokhara-one of the most beautiful cities of Nepal. Along this Ultra-Light Craft also operated to different parts of Nepal from Pokhara. From 15 minutes flight to many days tour flight above the Himalayas and stunning beauty of Nepal has lure thousands of tourist for this purpose only from all around the world. The Ultra-Light flown by world’s best pilots has been featured in many world’s renown magazine and popular music video.